Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chest O'Drawers

This chest of drawers is in our master bedroom at the Florida house. My brother bought it from an antique store several years ago, I think he paid $65 for it. He used it in his home and passed it down to me last summer. A previous owner did a poor job in trying to refinish it because it was an awful orange color and coated with a heavy shiny lacquer. Sorry I don't have any pictures but I'm sure you can get a visual... its something I'm sure you've all seen before.

I sanded the entire piece then painted it a creamy off white. The knobs used to be big wooden ones. I replaced them with classic antiqued iron knobs.

Above the chest are framed antique book pages. They are hand painted butterfly illustrations my brother brought back from one of his Paris trips. Just something he picked up at one of the many fabulous French flea markets... sigh. They're framed in $3 frames I bought from Walmart and spray painted.

 I hope this inspires all of you white lovers!

Happy hump day!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Little Light

My husband and I spent this past weekend at the Florida house and for the first time in a long time we did something productive. We have a laundry list of projects we'd like to do but once we get there we seem to get very lazy. Usually, the only thing we get done when we are down there is basic lawn maintenance. This weekend, though, we decided it was time to do something about this...

Yikes! Can you blame us? Yeah, pretty hideous.

I found this rattan cloche at Arhaus Furniture last year and knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to convert it into a light fixture for the breakfast nook. I've seen hanging lamps similiar to what I wanted to make in fancy magazines but buying one was cost prohibited. This crafty alternative was a pocketbook friendly $55. Yep. Total cost. But, it's taken a year to get this fixture installed because I have a hard time figuring the logistics of turning a gardening element into a hanging lamp.

I made a quick trip to HomeDepot for expert advice and after explaining my intended project to the sales associate, he concluded that I would need one of these...

We (my husband) just needed to drill a hole into the top of the cloche so that the cord could be pulled through. Simple enough. Rob had hardwired a chandelier once before, so he was pretty comfortable up on the ladder.

In no time flat(about 3 hours ;-) we had this glowing new feature lighting the nook.

Hoping your days are bright!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calendar Art

Oh, man! There's just too much white. I've been surrounded by it for far too long. All the white walls inside and now all the snow outside, it's just too much. I needed to do something. Fast.

These calendar pages have been nailed to my walls for months. They are months February and July for the Birds 20111 Cavallini and Co. calendar.

I bought this calendar almost a year ago with the intention of using the pages in some capacity as art in our townhouse rental. The walls in the unit are pure white and one wall soars 20 feet high. The blinding expanse of white makes me feel like I'm in an asylum. I had been waiting for some inspiration but I needed to get something on the walls now, before I go insane.

We don't plan on being in this rental for more than a couple of years, so I don't want to invest much time or money into making this feel like home. Of course, I want to be comfortable here and enjoy living here, but I need to be resourceful and just use what I already have or at least keep new purchases to a minimum. On the rare occasion that I do purchase something for this place, I've decided that it will also have to be something that I will eventually be able to incorporate into the Florida home decor. So, you know what that means... I need to get creative!

On the biggest wall I kept the look pretty traditional. Simple black frames with mats were on clearance at Sears for only $15 each. Not too bad. That was an easy and budget friendly solution.

Framing book and calendar pages is a quick and affordable way to add images to your walls. It's so easy to personalize your spaces and it's pretty unlikely that your friends and neighbors will have the same pictures hanging in their homes.

On the other side of the room and over the white pie hutch I wanted to do something different, a little more contemporary. I'm not an artist, by any means, but sometimes I like to play around and "see what happens". A friend had given me a couple of canvases and I had some left over paints and, of course, Mod Podge. I used two more pages from the calendar and then cut out the nests and eggs from another couple of pages and added them. I extended the branches and added a couple of leaves. To give it a bit of an aged look, I did a little light sanding over the whole piece and then sealed each with a couple coats of Mod Podge. So, this is "what happened".

While I was snowed in I was inspired to to something with these white walls. Finally. I made six new pieces and had fun doing it. The calendar cost $21.95, the canvases were free and the paints I already had. My kind of budget decorating...

The sun is out! Hope you're enjoying your day!