Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This, That, and the Master Bedroom

Hey everyone!

How's your week going so far and did you enjoy Memorial Day weekend? We had a fantastic weekend. Our nephew was married on Saturday in Central Illinois. It was a beautiful wedding and essentially a family reunion. My husband is the only one in his family to move away from their small town, so coming home for the wedding enabled him to reconnect with many friends and family members he hasn't seen in years. It was an emotionally exhausting albeit super fun weekend.

The lilac bushes finally bloomed while we gone so this morning I cut a big bunch. The fragrance is intoxicating! I'm sure if you inhale deep enough you'll smell them too!

Ok, here's a question. Would your mate notice this change in your dresser?

Dresser Before
Dresser After
Mine did not. Hmmm... Isn't it obvious??

Anyway, I painted our master bedroom furniture and I love the way it turned out.
Once he finally noticed the change in the pieces, my husband loved it too! Now that the furniture is painted, I consider our bedroom "done". I still want to hang something over our bed, and maybe put a bench of some sort or a trunk at the foot of the bed, and the red painted bench could use some pillows, but for now I'm happy with it. And, you know I will be forever tweaking and fluffing. So, for today anyway, this is the master bedroom.

The color on the walls is Sherwin-Williams rain washed. I had the color copied and mixed at Walmart. I used left over paint on the night stand drawers then used creamy white on the rest of the pieces along with the usual walnut stain and distressing.

The duvet cover and shams are from Pottery Barn, the framed butterfly prints are antique book pages and the art over the bench is fait par moi...in case you are wondering ;-). Oh, and the upholstered bed is from JCPenny. The bench, the baskets, the shelf etc., etc. is all stuff I've accumulated over the years.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Table-Take Two

Happy Monday! Was your weekend as hectic as mine?
I was busy painting, painting some more, and then repainting.

The sofa table I painted white last week (here) has already been repainted.
Yep, I lived with the white table for two days and decided I wasn't happy with it,
so I went with by first instinct and repainted it bright green.

My inspiration for this table was my antique green cupboard.
I found a great color match and I topped it off with a light rub of dark walnut stain to "dirty"
it and then I distressed it giving it a worn scuffed antique look.

I feel it shows off my collection of Gino Cenedese glass. These pieces deserve to be showcased and what could bring them more attention than being displayed on a table that bright?

I also painted my bedroom furniture. What a chore!
So, so glad it's finished and I love how it turned out.
I'll show you the master bedroom soon. Promise!

Until then, I 'll be visiting these linky parties and checking out what you've been up to.

Have a super week!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Favorite Room

Barb and I started our blog last November. We were a little nervous but I thought with her interior design style and my graphic design abilities... we could do it.

I really never wanted to "show off" my house. I live in the REAL WORLD with teenage boys running around, the smell of chicken nuggets and fries cooking every other night, and organized chaos throughout.

I recently did a blog post about farm tables. I was really encouraged by everyone's comments about my furniture choices, so that I thought I'd be brave and share my living room. This isn't really a living room that sits in your home and you only go in it when you have company or it's holiday time. This is a REAL WORLD living room! 

Lots of collected furniture and treasures.

It hasn't been "designed," it hasn't been "planned" out, it morphed over the years of lots of trial and error. I've moved different pieces of furniture in, then back out again. I wanted it to be comfortable. Over the years I never felt it was cozy.. until Barb added her extra touches of bringing in all the furniture from away from the walls. (And I say to myself, "DUH, I should have thought of that!")

My Chair!

Most of my curtains are from Pier 1... on sale!

We all hang out together in this room. The boys... their girlfriends... their friends, etc. There will be many a morning I wake up and have teenage boys sleeping on the couches; sometimes with a blanket on, sometimes curled up in a ball trying to keep warm... especially in the winter. 

Typical evening... that's my 16 year old, eating chix nuggets and talking to his girlfriend,
with Nicholas, the dog, eying the plate of food,

Here's that red table I bought several weeks ago for only $65.
Turquoise and red... a fav color combo! (Vase & pitcher - TJ Maxx, fake flowers - Hobby Lobby)

I relax in here, work on the computer in here, visit in here and many times
eat in front of the TV in here.

My work desk.

My new metal postmaster sorter. My co-worker had two in her garage from her grandad and asked if I wanted one!

Here's where I try to house the organized chaos... computer hardware, bills, old magazines, etc.

Sleepy? Grab a blanket to keep you comfy, in case you fall asleep.

It's a well-used and well-loved room! It's our FAVORITE room.

What's your favorite room in your house? Why do you love? Is it photo-ready in a second or lived-in?

I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday. It's hump day. Two more work days left.

xoxo Vicki

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