Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Little Light

My husband and I spent this past weekend at the Florida house and for the first time in a long time we did something productive. We have a laundry list of projects we'd like to do but once we get there we seem to get very lazy. Usually, the only thing we get done when we are down there is basic lawn maintenance. This weekend, though, we decided it was time to do something about this...

Yikes! Can you blame us? Yeah, pretty hideous.

I found this rattan cloche at Arhaus Furniture last year and knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to convert it into a light fixture for the breakfast nook. I've seen hanging lamps similiar to what I wanted to make in fancy magazines but buying one was cost prohibited. This crafty alternative was a pocketbook friendly $55. Yep. Total cost. But, it's taken a year to get this fixture installed because I have a hard time figuring the logistics of turning a gardening element into a hanging lamp.

I made a quick trip to HomeDepot for expert advice and after explaining my intended project to the sales associate, he concluded that I would need one of these...

We (my husband) just needed to drill a hole into the top of the cloche so that the cord could be pulled through. Simple enough. Rob had hardwired a chandelier once before, so he was pretty comfortable up on the ladder.

In no time flat(about 3 hours ;-) we had this glowing new feature lighting the nook.

Hoping your days are bright!


  1. That looks great. I love it. Thanks for joining the party.

  2. That is beautiful! You guys did an amazing job, I love the look of the cloche as a light, I bet it is really pretty at night. :)

  3. So much better. I'll bet it gives off an interesting pattern in the room too. The "before" just got lost in the room. Great repurposing project.

  4. I have been wanting to switch out some dull pendant lighting covers I have with little basket shades ~ yours looks so cute!

  5. Hi Barb, wow what an impact that makes!!! LOVE it! Love anykind of garden element, that basket is just perfect! Thanks so much for joining in on the party.

  6. Very cute! I love this new trend of baskets, both wicker and wire, as chandeliers.

  7. Looks fantastic~ Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  8. What a great idea! It looks wonnderful! Ihave just discovered your blog. Traci

  9. Very nice! We call those boob lights. I have them everywhere in our new to us home. lol


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