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Door Decor for Fall

Wow! Lots of love happening here at Curly Willow DIY when Barb showed us her fall mantel in her Florida home. I know she misses being there during the year. So, thanks for showing her the love!!

I know Barb's not a big fan of fall or winter... but I love it!
So, I'm hoping there's love out there in blogland for me too!

I feel very fortunate to live only a mile from an awesome family farm where I can buy all my fall decor at very reasonable prices. I mean where can you buy a huge mum plant for $8. When I say huge.. H-U-G-E!

So, here is door decor for fall. I am all about rustic and natural!
When you say Pottery Barn... I say YES!
pottery barn - YES!
(Are ya cheering with me?)

Here we go... 

Everything here is au natural from a local farm.
The mum plant in the flowering basket is ONE PLANT.... H-U-G-E!

First year the farm had white pumpkins... $5 each.
Love my little scarecrow!

The wandering jew plants in the urns are from the wedding.
I put gold mini LED lights around the balls, they light up and are super fun!

My hubby is a metal scraper part time. He found these two dented milk cans. FREE!
The burlap ribbon I bought the end of the year last year from Ballard Designs.

Wreath - Hobby Lobby three years ago. Ribbon - Ballards

All leaves, pinecones, and pine needles are all courtesy of Mother Nature!
She's pretty terrific!

So, I'll keep those HUGE mums by the door for a month and then plant them in the
yard to bloom year after year. They will be beautiful!

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Have a great weekend!

PS: Guess who I found huddle next to my house while photographing.

Do ya see him on the top pic... a little frog huddle against the house for warmth!
It's a windy, cold day today. He probably came from the creek right next to my house. This spot is frequented by all the neighborhood kids who try to catch tadpoles and frogs. This little guy got away! I'm happy to provide a safe, warm spot to hide. :)

DIY Wedding- Part 3

Hey everyone!  First, I'd like to say thanks to you for all the positive comments you left about the Florida mantel!  Your feedback is just what I think I needed  and poking around the many great linky parties is getting me into the spirit of this fall season.  I even picked up a couple white pumpkins and striped mini pumpkins to start spicing up me interior spaces.  I will need to get in gear and spruce up my front entry too.    Before I do anymore fall decorating though, I want to share more of what Vicki and I did for Jessica's wedding.   

Randy and Jessica

Dancing it up

I think everything except the catering and cake was DIY.  Vicki, Jessica and I are all long distance from one another, so all the ideas, planning and execution was done through lots of emails, phone conversations, and texting.  Coordinating our ideas was challenging at times.  We worked on projects independently and a lot of the time just hoped for the best.

DIY Chalkboards

Direction sign - cut and ready for chalkboard paint

More chalkboard paint!

The last week before the wedding we were finally all together and worked in a frenzy to get the last details ironed out.  We had an assembly line going in Vicki's living room for many of the end projects.  Vicki's dining room turned into a wedding warehouse of sorts!

Designing and setting up the pew cones

Smiles all around!

Stapling the cones to wooden dowels

Wedding Central!

Where's Waldo?

That's a lot of stuff!

We were a little worried about getting everything to the cottage. But after all the cars were packed, we hit the road with three van loads and two passengers in each.

Van #1, Driver: Father of the Bride and the Groom

Van #2, Driver: Mother of the Bride and Bride

Van #3, Driver: Godmother and brother of the bride

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, once we were at the site, it was all hands on deck.  Vicki and I put everyone to work. We all pulled together and we got the job done.   I would like to say it was  flawlessly executed! 

Working with the caterer to dress the tables

Friends in from Texas and Indiana helping out

Working on projects

Everyone pitched in!

Brother of the bride and Sister of the groom work on the luminaires for the pathway to the cottage at night

After the final walk through before the ceremony, I was able to let out a huge sigh of relief.  I thought everything looked pretty perfect.  It was all I imagined and more.  Vicki and  I were able to thoroughly enjoy the ceremony and reception knowing we did our best. Jessica and Randy thought is was perfect, too.

Beautiful flowers everywhere

Directional sign ready to go! CUTE!

Aisle way was lined with woven pew cones, flowers and burlap ribbon

Favors were popcorn balls in memory of Grandma that past away last summer.
She was known for making THE BEST popcorn balls for her grandchildren.

Seat tag were hung by shutters. This was a freebie find by the father of the bride.

Chalkboard Menu

Tables were dressed in chocolate, khaki, vintage china, ball jars for water with purple striped straws; and
the side of the tent was lined with photos of the bride and groom, growing up
and as a couple strung with twine by clothespins.

Gift table with bird cage holder for cards

Just Married Banner

Beautiful aisle and arbor

Head table dressed and ready for the wedding party.

So, what about you?  Have you ever done a DIY wedding?   
Exhausting and exhilarating?  I'd love to hear about it and see what you did.

Have a super weekend.

PS: Here's a few fun people pics!
Vicki and Barb

Vicki and Barb with Jess

Two very tired gals. Jess and Vicki! Happy, but tired! :)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall-My Love/Hate Relationship

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Fall is here whether I like it or not. 
All of my kicking and screaming isn't going to keep it away,
so I've decided to give in, go ahead and do my best to welcome it.
So, Welcome Fall!

Did that sound at all sincere?
Really gracious of me, right?
It's not that I don't like fall because I really do.
I love the colors of the changing leaves, the smell of burning logs in fireplaces, anything and all things pumpkin, all of that good stuff. What I really don't like about fall is that it's the season before winter. Mmhhmm, that's it. That's the only reason I don't like fall. Because I loathe winter. Hate it. Despise it. Chicago winters. Need I say more?

But, I'm doing my best to get into the spirit. I've seen so many great fall home decorations the last couple of weeks and, of course, if you check out Pinterest, board after board of fall loveliness.

The last time I was in Florida I gave my dining room mantel a little fall flair.
The leaves are faux since Florida doesn't get bright orange and yellow changing leaves.
And the pumpkins? Plastique. Ooh la la.

That's my best attempt to get on the early fall decorating bandwagon.
Hopefully, it'll get better when I get into a better mindset that fall is here to stay.
I really should do some fluffing in the Illinois rental...just not quite feeling it yet.
What about you? How are you feeling about this season?
Pulling out your pumpkins, leaf garlands and gourds?
I'll be looking to see what you've done.
I'm linking up to lots of parties this week. Hope to see you there.
More wedding pics will be coming later this week too!

All the best!

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