Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coastal Family Room

Hey everyone!  Come on in and welcome to our Florida family room.  Hope you all enjoyed the tours of the living room and dining room.  If you missed either of those tours, you can catch them HERE, before we continue.

Before we go any further, let's take a quick look at the entry.  I know.  Not much here to see.  I'm on the hunt for two matching benches that will fit under the paintings.  The paintings are 36"x48" and I don't want them to look "top heavy" if the benches are too short.  I think the benches should be at least  48" long.  I thought about sofa tables or chests under each painting but the bottom ledge of each niche is only 29" from the floor and standard table height is 30" so that won't work.  The quest continues...

These self-made paintings were a quick and easy way to fill a big space on a small dime.  I feel the niches needed something bold and I think the paintings  make a statement. What they say, I'm not quite sure, but anyway...moving on...

Let me say, this isn't the look I envisioned for this room when we first moved in. I wanted to create a fun light -hearted room with a  relaxing beach vibe and I was thinking it would be almost all white.  Something with the  colors of the coastline-soft sandy dunes, sun bleached star fish and sand dollars, and  the soft greens of natural sea grasses.  And, mixed in would be various shades of brown, like pieces of driftwood.

I've always wanted an all white room and I thought I'd finally be able to have one. I didn't intend on having all the bright greens and blues. I love all the white rooms I see in  high styling design magazines, and I love the white rooms I see in so many of the blogs I read.  LOVE THEM!  And I love white painted furniture.  I have LOTS of it!  But I guess I love color more.  I have so many brightly painted colorful pieces, too.  Bright greens and blues.  And some reds.  So, I guess this room is a compromise. My objective was to incorporate the pieces I already own and love into this new space...still lots of white and a couple of brown pieces...with punches of bright apple green and splashes of turquoise...and mahogany colored floors to anchor it all. 

The walls are painted a very light creamy sort of green.  My son calls is pistachio, so, I'll call it that, too.  The room has the lightness that I wanted without being white. 

For me, the easiest way to put together a coastal feeling home is to start with white sofas.  We purchased these new for this room back in October '09.  I bought them from jcpenney.com.  They were on clearance for $499 each( I don't remember  the original retail price, but I think they were around $1100 each).  What a lucky find!  I was nervous about an online purchase but the reviews were all five star so I went for it.  I'm really happy with them.  They're super comfy and the cushions are foam wrapped with down feathers.  Best of all, the slipcovers are machine washable!

The only  other purchases for this room were the coffee table and the long shop counter that the tv is on.  The coffee table is from Ballard Design.  It was the floor sample and on sale...a good deal but I don't remember what we paid for it. 

The shop counter, on the other hand, was an absolute splurge.  It counts as my birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents for the next umpteen years.  Honestly, it's the single most expensive thing we own.

We happened upon it one day while window shopping at the Lincoln Park, Arhaus Furniture in Chicago.  It almost took my breath away ( it did take my credit limit away, lol).  Anyhoo...I love it and it fits in that huge niche.

And, take note of the curtains.  They look custom, right?  No?  Can't fool your keen eyes.  They're  king size bedsheets, $12 each.  'nuff said.

How do you think I did?  Do you feel the beach vibe?

Anyone else showing a new room or completed project this week? I'd love to see it.  Do tell!!!

I'll be linking with a bunch of parties this week.  Will you be there?

See ya around



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  1. I'm feeling it! Love the beachy vibe and your colors. I shop a lot at JCPenney online. They have some great deals.

  2. Beautiful room. I love the table the tv is on. Just lovely. ~~Sherry~~

  3. Hi Barb, you've done a wonderful job.

    Lisa x

  4. Beautiful, Barb. I'd say the shop counter is worth umpteen birthday, anniversary, and Christmas presents. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  5. Popping over from Faded Charm to say hello. i love the colors you used in your home! Beautiful! xoxo

  6. Love your blog & beachy rooms - so glad I found you today. You have lots of fun coastal accents and colors; which I'm drooling over ;o)

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  8. Hi thank you for stopping by to say hi. I am your newest follower :)
    I love your blue artwork its stunning. Its just the thing I need for my living room bold and bright. Love it.

  9. i just became follower 100!!! i love your style! barbs home is close to exactly what i am going for in my home!! thank you for the walmart paint tip. i will try it!!

  10. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


    My readers will LOVE this!

  11. Beautiful! It's so light and cheery. Thanks for the tour!

  12. It really has the coastal feel and I love the chandelier in the dining area.

  13. WOW!!!! I am speechless.... love your blog.. LOVE the decor!!!
    So glad I found you through Sarah!

  14. love all the colors in there- gorgeous! and iw ant that cute little pillow!

  15. Oooh, it all looks so pretty in your house. I love all the touches you've out in - the king sized duvet-curtians look fab!!


  16. I can definitely feel the coastal vibe here. Love your colours. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it!! Leah xx.

  17. Glad you came to my blog , now I am here it looks Beautiful!!! The shop counter is to die for!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!


  18. What a beautiful home.Love the color choices you made.

  19. A beautiful family room with so great fresh colors!

  20. How lovely and fresh. I will be coming back to join your party.

  21. Barb, I love this room with the bright pops of color against the white. You have some great chippy shabby furniture pieces. Have you checked out Ballard's for the benches? Thanks for joining WUW.

  22. That shop counter was a great purchase. I noticed it right away and had to read all about it. I lived in Chicago too and now live in south Florida.


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