Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This, That, and the Master Bedroom

Hey everyone!

How's your week going so far and did you enjoy Memorial Day weekend? We had a fantastic weekend. Our nephew was married on Saturday in Central Illinois. It was a beautiful wedding and essentially a family reunion. My husband is the only one in his family to move away from their small town, so coming home for the wedding enabled him to reconnect with many friends and family members he hasn't seen in years. It was an emotionally exhausting albeit super fun weekend.

The lilac bushes finally bloomed while we gone so this morning I cut a big bunch. The fragrance is intoxicating! I'm sure if you inhale deep enough you'll smell them too!

Ok, here's a question. Would your mate notice this change in your dresser?

Dresser Before
Dresser After
Mine did not. Hmmm... Isn't it obvious??

Anyway, I painted our master bedroom furniture and I love the way it turned out.
Once he finally noticed the change in the pieces, my husband loved it too! Now that the furniture is painted, I consider our bedroom "done". I still want to hang something over our bed, and maybe put a bench of some sort or a trunk at the foot of the bed, and the red painted bench could use some pillows, but for now I'm happy with it. And, you know I will be forever tweaking and fluffing. So, for today anyway, this is the master bedroom.

The color on the walls is Sherwin-Williams rain washed. I had the color copied and mixed at Walmart. I used left over paint on the night stand drawers then used creamy white on the rest of the pieces along with the usual walnut stain and distressing.

The duvet cover and shams are from Pottery Barn, the framed butterfly prints are antique book pages and the art over the bench is fait par moi...in case you are wondering ;-). Oh, and the upholstered bed is from JCPenny. The bench, the baskets, the shelf etc., etc. is all stuff I've accumulated over the years.


  1. Barb, the lilac bushes are fab. The dresser makeover wonderful. Overall A+.

  2. Barb, gorgeous gorgeous. Great colors and I love your baskets!

  3. the lilacs and the photos themselves are gorgeous!!
    your bedroom looks so pretty and cottage chic!
    it takes my husband FOREVER to notice anything...LOL

  4. Barb that is pure eye candy. You have such a great eye for color.

  5. WOW! It really is beautiful...looks like beach colors, my favorite! ♥

  6. What a beautiful room! The colors and patterns are breathtaking!

  7. This turned out so great! My husband would not have noticed probably either!
    I love the cool blue color and the touches of new and old.
    Great contrast. Love it all!

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous! What a transformation and what a lovely room. :-) I'm visiting from Kim's party and I'm now your newest follower!

  9. Barb, it looks terrific. My husband doesn't notice many things, but this I think would have gotten his attention. ;-)

  10. This room is gorgeous! I love the bedspread, the chippy old chair, the framed prints, the painting...everything!

  11. Barb everything looks fantastic! Love your floors and your bedding!

  12. That is hilarious...doubt mine would notice either! Beautiful job and beautiful bedroom!

  13. The dresser is lovely...and my dh probably wouldn't notice either! Love your photos of the lilacs. They are one of my favorite flowers! And thank you for your kind comment at Red Hen Home!

  14. In love with your room! Gorgeous! A lovely blend of painted surfaces and wood...wonderful.
    My hubs wouldn't notice either!
    All Things Heart and Home

  15. Oh, your bedroom is beautiful! I kind of think and am pretty almost sure my mate would have noticed the change :)

    You have a lovely blog here and I am happy to be stopping by.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  16. My hubby probably wouldn't have noticed either. He might notice the smell of fresh paint and wonder where it was coming from before he would notice the color of the dresser. Funny how men are like that. Your room is great. Love it.

  17. this is fabulous, in love with it!!!!!
    Have a wonderful rest of your week :)

  18. So pretty! I love it! I agree that the additions you mentioned would be nice, but you could definitely call it done at this point.

  19. Your room is beautiful Barb and I love the newly painted dresser~ BRAVO!!

  20. I once chopped off 5 inches of hair (went to a really short inch-of-hair-on-my-head cut). He didn't notice until I went totally ballistic.



    PS: that dresser so totally rocks!

  21. How does one miss a piece of furniture going from dark to light?! LOL Crack me up! Men don't see things the way women do. I have to leave major hints and get in the husband's face to make him notice anything I've done to myself. Like the previous commenter, I have cut my hair short and the husband said nothing! I ordered new eyeglasses (really cool ones, I might add) and he never knew I had them on. And I wear contacts!
    Your dresser looks great, as do the blue walls and the accessories! ~ Sue

  22. Very beautiful and inviting. I like the dresser so much better painted. Great choice:)

  23. I really love your bedroom. I think you did a wonderful job with all of the touches. The white really makes everything look light and summery.

    I'm a new follower!


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