Monday, December 5, 2011

Blanket Covered Holiday Table

Vicki and I just celebrated a milestone, our one year blog anniversary!    That's great and everything but it also means we missed all the holiday linky parties from last year.  We had no idea that they existed.   Last year at this time I would scroll through blog after blog with wonder and just drool over all the holiday loveliness. 

This year I'm ready to party and mingle with you festive party-goers. It's going to be a busy next couple of weeks.   I'll be making the rounds, sharing my dining room table, my decked out mantel, my tree,  and a glittery craft.  I have my glass of champagne, er, cup of Joe, so let's go!

I  never use a tablecloth on my dining table but this year Vicki talked a lot about using a tartan plaid blanket as a tablecloth for her holiday table.  I thought that was a neat and unusual idea and since I happen to have an Irish wool throw I thought I'd give it a try too.  My blanket is not what I think of as a traditional plaid.  It's soft turquoise and cream with a very pale green.

The blanket usually is draped over the chair in the living room.

Last year I glittered some shells to make place setting name tags and I'm using them again this year.

This is a coastal home so I always like to add shells, starfish and sand dollars to the holiday mix.
Then, a few candles and it's set, as simple as that.

I'm sure you've used a blanket or throw on a picnic but have you ever used one on your holiday dining table?  I don't have a menu planned yet but I don't think I'll be serving any red wine,
that wouldn't be pretty draped over my living room chair ;-).


I'll be partying with


  1. Beautiful, beachy table setting. I use quilts and blanket all the time for table cloths. I think it is acceptable to achieve a look. Lovely!!!

  2. I'm loving all the coastal touches! Very elegant!!

  3. The touches of blue are so perfect!!! I love your Christmas tablescape!

    I'm joining 8 bloggers in hosting Blogging Around the Christmas Tree Party and today’s feature is Christmas Scapes at my place! I’d love to have you join up, the party is just beginning!

    XO, Aimee from

  4. PS I'm your newest follower and would love for you to return the "love."


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