Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Is Here!

So, here we are into December. Already! What the heck happened to November? Never mind, no time to think about it. There's way too much to do now to prepare for Christmas. Have you started shopping, decorating, baking, pulling out your hair? Ha!

I'm back in Chicagoland after spending a week in Florida. While I was there I did all my Christmas decorating. The dining room and fireplace mantel are decked, the tree is trimmed and I even did a glittery, gluey Christmas craft. There are a bunch of holiday linky parties these next few weeks and I'll be participating in some of them so I'll wait until then to show you my fully glitzed and glammed (well, sort of) house.

The big news, though, is we hung three pendant lights over the breakfast bar! Yay!! We ordered them online from Home Depot and they were delivered the day we arrived in Florida.

I've looked for two years for something that I thought had a vintage beach industrial vibe. Do these fit the bill? They have a powdery antique pewter finish and although the underside looks white when lit, it's the pewter finish too.

The cords are a little wonky and crooked now but that will work itself out and they will hang straight soon enough. I really like them but I need to get used to seeing them hanging there. Sometimes I see them out of the corner of my eye and think they look like hovering alien aircraft. But really, I DO like them!

What about you? Will I see you at the linky parties? I've seen tons of great holiday decorating and some very clever and festive projects already but I can't wait to see more and I'd especially love to see what you've done!

See ya around!

Oh, and my brother will be installing a new tile backsplash in my
kitchen while he's visiting for Christmas. Yahooeee! I'm so excited.


  1. Love the new pendant lights! They look terrific!
    I cannot believe it is December either and we have yet to get a tree and I am so exhausted from work and decorating for clients that I have NO energy left to get my Christmas ON!!!

    Can't wait to see what you and Barb come up with in your homes.
    Such a pretty kitchen!


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