Friday, September 30, 2011

Door Decor for Fall

Wow! Lots of love happening here at Curly Willow DIY when Barb showed us her fall mantel in her Florida home. I know she misses being there during the year. So, thanks for showing her the love!!

I know Barb's not a big fan of fall or winter... but I love it!
So, I'm hoping there's love out there in blogland for me too!

I feel very fortunate to live only a mile from an awesome family farm where I can buy all my fall decor at very reasonable prices. I mean where can you buy a huge mum plant for $8. When I say huge.. H-U-G-E!

So, here is door decor for fall. I am all about rustic and natural!
When you say Pottery Barn... I say YES!
pottery barn - YES!
(Are ya cheering with me?)

Here we go... 

Everything here is au natural from a local farm.
The mum plant in the flowering basket is ONE PLANT.... H-U-G-E!

First year the farm had white pumpkins... $5 each.
Love my little scarecrow!

The wandering jew plants in the urns are from the wedding.
I put gold mini LED lights around the balls, they light up and are super fun!

My hubby is a metal scraper part time. He found these two dented milk cans. FREE!
The burlap ribbon I bought the end of the year last year from Ballard Designs.

Wreath - Hobby Lobby three years ago. Ribbon - Ballards

All leaves, pinecones, and pine needles are all courtesy of Mother Nature!
She's pretty terrific!

So, I'll keep those HUGE mums by the door for a month and then plant them in the
yard to bloom year after year. They will be beautiful!

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Have a great weekend!

PS: Guess who I found huddle next to my house while photographing.

Do ya see him on the top pic... a little frog huddle against the house for warmth!
It's a windy, cold day today. He probably came from the creek right next to my house. This spot is frequented by all the neighborhood kids who try to catch tadpoles and frogs. This little guy got away! I'm happy to provide a safe, warm spot to hide. :)


  1. I've always adored yellow mums. A breath of fresh air and sunshine.

  2. So pretty - I wish I lived close to that farm too!

  3. Those pumpkins and that gourd {or is it a squash?} are beautiful! What a lovely front entry.

  4. Mom!! I have to drive like an hour to get pumpkins!!! Randy & I are making the trek tomorrow. He doesn't see the point in my immediate need but I'm sure he'll get over it. Hehe. Auntie Barb I'm totally copying your mantle idea. So speaking of fall... Now that the wedding is over who is coming to visit me to see Washington in all its fall glory!!!!

  5. Looks great and sounds like you have a nice farm to visit for seasonal items-enjoy:@)

  6. Beautiful fall entry! Lovely!

  7. So warm and welcoming!

    Perfect for Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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